Established in October 2011, Frida's Premium Pet Services was conceived after I lost my job on Wall Street during the recession. After 20+ years in the "rat race", I wanted to do something that made my heart happy.  Nothing made me happier than my Beagle, Frida. Hence, Frida's Premium Pet Services was born. My company has always been about excellence, dedication and a passion for premium animal care! I wanted  to care for client's pets the way I wanted Frida to be cared for- LOTS OF LOVE AND INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION. Since my beloved Frida crossed the Rainbow Bridge in April 2018,  her furry bother,Buster,is continuing in her honor. Buster is a very happy and friendly French Bulldog who goes on all the walks with me. Buster is great at helping socialize shy pups and helps them come out of their shells. Having Buster on walk adds a bit of playtime and the pups are happier at the end of the walk.  

I have an amazing team that works tirelessly to care for your furry family member.

The core concept behind Frida's has always been taking care of your pets as if they were our own. Nothing is more daunting than having to go on a trip or not being able to fully tend to your pet during your hectic daily life. Frida's Premium Pet Services have the perfect walker to pair with your four-legged friend.

At Frida's, we guarantee satisfaction. From the phenomenal services and perks we offer, down to the amazing walkers, we know that your furry companion will have no problems bonding and walking with your specific walker. We ensure that during our services your pets receive individualized attention, quality care and a genuine appreciation and respect for them.


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Angie L. 

 + Owner and long time pet care specialist.


Anthony L.

  + Anthony has 4 years of professional pet care service under his belt. He has experience with puppies, kittens, elderly cats and dogs! Be prepared for lots of cute pictures and great adventures!



  + Echo has 2 years experience, walking dogs and making sure everyone has top tier customer service. Echo is adapt at walking larger dog breeds and making sure you're contacted asap about all inquires. 


Natasha D.

  +3 years of professional pet care, Natasha loves cats, and loves taking a long walk. if you need someone to take your pup on an adventure you bet you'll see it all, Natasha will send you photos of everything your furry friend gets into.


Terry H.

  + Great with pets who needs that extra special attention, working with pets with medical conditions, pets who need someone to give them their medicine and always sending thorough notes, Terry will always let you know if something's up with your pup!  


Shyanne P.

  +An avid animal lover. She has been in the animal care business for over five years. My passion for the care and safety of animals is what drives me to ensure top care and attention to every dog I work with. While working in the animal care field she has become highly knowledgeable on the proper care of dogs from every size and age range!


Nino K.

  + 2 years of pet care experience, Nino enjoys creating fun experiences, and giving the best care for your furry friend. Nino Provides, solo and group walks, as well as basic training for your furry friend.


  + With 2 years of experience Jennah is your friendly neighborhood dog walker! Big or
small, shes's got your back! She is patient and very friendly with all
types of breeds. She loves long walks, triple checking every tree and bush with your
pooches. Jennah's favorite past time is having play time during overnight sitting. She now for her thorough notes will send of what your little one's daily
adventures, so you can have peace of mind while away from home.


Wanda S.

  +Over 7 years experience as a dog walker. Provides solo dog walks, in her home dog boarding and cat visits.


Mario U.

  +Has been a dog walker for over 2 years. Provides solo dog walks and cat visits.